Tuesday, July 29, 2008

We're Walking Fools

Today is incredibly hot. We decided to burn some calories and walk from our hotel (Bally's) to Downtown Vegas - Freemont street. It took several hours. We decided to ride the Deuce (double decker bus) for the return trip. I entered the addresses into mapquest to get an idea of the distance. It was 5+ miles. Thank goodness I had sunscreen. I'd hate to go home with lung AND skin cancer.

I got a real kick out of the little wedding chapels, especially the one in the photo above.


whimsymoon said...

Lung and skin cancer! LOL I had the same thoughts thanks to the delightful smoke that is "one" with the casinos!!!
Have a safe trip home.
Angela Jarecki

Susie McMahon said...

Thank goodness it is no longer legal to smoke anywhere public indoors here - some places are even banning smoking in public outdoor places as well. And it is no longer legal to smoke in a car with children on board - some people have already copped hefty fines. Take care Deanna!
PS I put a link to your blog from my new one - hope you don't mind.