Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Challenge Doll ~ a little more progress

My pumpkin head doll is coming along. I've added basic eyes and have filled out the face a little. I've still got to add a stem and do a little more refining. She was somewhat lop-sided, so I did some sanding after work last night - at least until it got too cold and dark outside. I hope she doesn't end up being too top heavy.

I'm going to use the arm/leg design that came with the pattern, as the point of this challenge was to use this particular vintage pattern. I've haven't started looking at fabrics for her dress, but I think an tiny print or plaid in autumn colors would look nice. I hope I have something like that on hand, because I certainly don't need to add to my fabric stash.

We're up early today, as we'd planned to walk to work like we did yesterday. It was a gorgeous day. But today it's 39 degrees, it's supposed to rain, and we've got to get groceries after our shift. I can do 39, but not 39 AND rain.

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