Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Day After

It's been a whirlwind week, what with band rehearsal, baking, babysitting, meetings, and sewing. It's Sunday, and last night was the big Emergency Department Christmas Party. This year's entertainment was the ER band. We played about a dozen songs, and had our co-workers hooting and dancing. We also had our annual fundraiser auction. This is a well-established tradition - auctioning wrapped (sight unseen) gifts to the highest bidder. Then we donate the money to some of our local charities and resources.

Every year (for nearly 20 years now), my auction gift has been a handmade Santa. This year's Santa doll was finished about 3:00 a.m. Saturday. I used a pattern by Soft in the Head, called "Quality Time (Nick & Morty)." The supply list called for Briwax (Golden Oak), and of course I couldn't find ANY locally. So I adapted, and painted his face and hands instead.

Of course, I couldn't find any rusty bells, either (and didn't have time to rust them quickly). Morty's legs and antlers were easy, though I may have looked a little silly in the back yard with a flashlight in the rain, searching for sticks from the cherry tree. Thankfully we've had a bit of wind, so there were plenty to be found.

I may add band photos later, but feel a nap coming on...

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Unknown said...

lol! You crack me up, Deanna! But, you do sound as though you are a part of the whirlwind! The Santa is different and really awesome. I would feel oh so special if I won it in auction! Happy holidays to you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!