Sunday, November 21, 2010

Soul Restoration ~ A Creative Outlet

I've decided I need to get myself centered again. You know, pull in all the tattered edges, reprioritize, and achieve some clarity in life.
I came across this online workshop, took the plunge and signed up for it. It's not until January, so I'll be able to focus on the holidays without (additional) distraction. Here's the course information:

The website and blog is full of projects and stories:

There are also a couple videos about the workshop that were quite inspiring:


creativedawn said...

Hi Deanna,
I'm going to check it out...thank you! Hope you are doing okay; you don't have the easiest job, you know.


Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks so much for your comment. I'm doing ok, just spread too thin a bit more than usual and being pulled in too many directions. I think I need to focus more on me, my physical shape and health - typical stuff. I just need to be re-energized - pretty common for me this time of year.

Hugs back atcha,

Molly Martino said...

Hi Deanna,

This will be uplifting for you & I hope you give us a report on how this has helped your inner restoration. Goodness knows...most women I know need (me too) to walk away for a brief time from the world & daily surroundings just to have that chance to regroup & center, like you said.
I think as women, we tend to take on more than we literally have time for. That "can do" spirit can sometimes weigh us down. Maybe as females we inheritally seek more & forget how much we already own inside of us that still requires some refinement and/or resolve. Our spirits tire from too many "additions" if we lose our personal focus of what feels good & right order to make good & wise decisions in our life.
I've heard various quotes that make me stand back & wonder. This is one> "If you're not walking on the edge, you're taking up too much room"...huh? I personally like this one..."People say she has an artist's temperament...and that it's normal for her to be a little extraordinary"!
I don't believe anyone wants to be defined. Simply because we are ever-changing. But to move forward & making that trek a lighter load, we must let go of the "filler" that has collected within us that does not belong there. You won't miss one tidbit of it either. We all desire inner freedom & peace within us to carry us through. This can be a rebirth that you will be most happy being involved in. I love this "Brave Girl" outlet where one can exploit their positives afer a bit of soul searching & guidence with new friends seeking the same fresh breath of life to inhale.

Deanna Hogan said...

Molly, you are a very wise woman. Thank you for your comment.