Monday, December 27, 2010

Looking for the Right Hair

Averill number 3 (of 4) is nearly done. Just have to go through my several drawers and baskets of doll hair materials and pick somthing suitable. Once I find the right stuff, she shouldn't take long to finish.

Then I really need to get a start on my annual Santa doll for our ER holiday party a little less than 2 weeks away. I promise not to wait 'til the last minute this year.


Unknown said...

Hi Deanna,

She sure is pretty! I love the color combo. Hey, I'm going to pull the Averill pattern out yet again to make another swap doll!!! I'm obsessed with the jointing on these dolls! Thanks.

Happy New Year!

Susie McMahon said...

A lovely girl - she even looks great without hair, so she's going to be wonderful once she gets her crowning glory!

Carla said...

She's just gorgeous as are all your dolls.