Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holiday Santa (my 400th doll!)

The ER Holiday Party is finally over, and it was great having so many friends and family together to celebrate. The auction was a success, with proceeds to go to some of the folk we see in the ER that have so much less than we do. I'm not sure how much money was raised last night.class.My friend and coworker Tiffani won this year's Santa. He was made using a pattern called "Santa Had A Little Lamb" by "Hand Made With Love." Not sure how old this pattern is. I had to search Google for the designer's name - Pat Baumgartner (which isn't on the pattern cover), and found quite a few of her patterns HERE.

The ER band played last night, too. We rented a UHaul to transport all the music gear to and from the venue - worth every penny. Now we've got to put the music room back together. We just finished watching the video. Don't know why I get so uncomfortable and fidgety watching myself perform.


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

WOW 400 dolls.. I think I'm up to about 25. this santa is simple and heart warming .thank you for the link to the patterns .

Unknown said...

Wow! Deanna,
400 dolls. I cannot think of ever reaching that number of dolls. I don't think I've made 40 dolls yet! Congrats to you! One thing is clear, you ARE a mega talent!


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

He's amazing! Congratulations on your 400th! I too don't think I've even made 40 dolls!
Take Care,

Maria del Valle Abad de Pinto said...

Amiga la felicito por sus trabajos, sus muñecas,
las manos, los pies son hermosos y me gusto tu Santa.Muchos cariños

Deanna Hogan said...

I know! 400 dolls seems like an impossible task, but I've been at it since the mid 1990s and the early dolls were pretty simple (so faster to make).

Still, it's all good practice!

I do recommend keeping a log of your dolls - descriptions, fabrics, patterns used, etc.

Thanks, all!