Monday, March 21, 2011

A Doll for Fiona

Today is my granddaughter's first birthday, so I guess it's about time I made a special doll for her. I've been going through my embarrassingly large collection of doll patterns - both modern and vintage - and have chosen a pattern from 1933.
Now I could have gone with a simpler, pancake style doll, but where's the challenge in that? This one has interesting construction (though the instructions are a bit scant), so I should be able to learn something new if I can figure it out. It also looks like it'll be safe for a child - no buttons or small parts to come undone.


Judi Hunziker said...

Oh Deanna, I had to laugh out loud when I saww the pattern you are using. I attempted to make this doll (can't follow patterns to this day!) and it was hysterical to say the least. I couldn't get the fingers even or round and they looked like webbed feet, LOL
I know with all your experience that yours will look like the pictured doll. I just had to share my story with you. ♥Judi

Unknown said...

I can not wait to see your doll! I made a baby for my two year old daughter using the Judy Ward pattern with some slight modifications. My daughter loves this doll and carries "pink bany" everywhere! It is such a joy to watch her love this doll baby that i made just for her!
What a lucky little girl your grand daughter is.

KittyAnn said...

I have, and have made this pattern, it is a wonderful doll. I made it from my Mom's original pattern, she was born in 1926 and her Mom made it for her! I made the doll for my child over 14 yrs ago. I wanted her to have a soft cuddly doll not a foreign made plastic/vinyl one. She loved that doll literally to pieces! Your posting has prompted me to get out the pattern and make one for me! Best, Ani

Dixie Redmond said...

I can't wait to see what you make! :-)

Healing Woman said...

I'm sure you will learn volume's by creating this doll. I love your granddaughter's name. Fionna. Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Ohhhh, I love those old patterns. This one should be very sweet for a little Miss! My fav is the McCall's 1939 Raggedy pattern.