Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's a...Boy?

I'm making some progress on my DIP, and at this point, I think It wants to be a Boy. Up to this point, I've done no sanding and all the sculpting has been done with my fingers. I'm still adding to and refining features. There's still some asymetry to the face, but that's fixable. When the sculpt is done, I'll add a cloth-over to make the doll a bit more durable. Besides, I like the texture of the cloth-over.

See how the torso seems a bit long? I placed the stuffed parts on top of the pattern pieces, and everything matched. It's just the nature of this particular pattern, I guess. The fact that this doll is barefoot also points me in the direction of a male doll. He'll get some ears eventually.

But I can always change my mind at make It a Girl in the end.


Unknown said...

Wow, love seeing your progression pictures and yep, it does say boy. smile.


Mary Ann Tate said...

I agree.....a little barefoot boy:)

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Beautiful work so far!

Rhissanna said...

I so agree. You better get some laddie names lined up.