Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Little Organization...and a Book for Sale (SOLD)

I spent a whole day organizing my craft and art books (I've got way more than I'd care to admit), and in the process found I had a duplicate - I just didn't realize it because the covers were different.
So I'd like to sell one of them. This one is no longer in print, and has a copyright  of 2003. I went to Amazon to see how much this book was going for, and the current price is $32.90 for the used books:

The newer version of the book (only the cover is different) is going for $12-14:

I'm asking $12 plus postage (which I'll figure out after I calculate for your shipping address) - to the first person that emails me. The book has minimal shelf wear. SOLD


Rhissanna said...

Oh! I have this book in the new cover! It's good and the advice is sound; I really like her matter-of-fact approach to anatomy. Without her help I wouldn't be able to sculpt ears. Or noses.

Hesztia said...

Hello Deanna,

I would absolutely have this book so I'm up to buy it from you. Please let me know how could I pay you for it (Paypal, money transfer or other way) and I will do it.

I've been looking so long for this book.

Thank you in advance,

Cheers, Ágota

Anonymous said...

I used this book for my first sculpt ever which was a huge success. I love Katherine's clear cut methods. She has a website where we can participate, show our work, ask questions, etc. She responds and critiques generously. Her knowledge of the human form is incredible.