Saturday, September 17, 2011

CO Day 7

Day 7 – September 17: Riddle to Sutherlin
“Water to Wine” (52 miles)
Today’s finish reminds you of the diverse splendor of Oregon riding. You’ll pass pastures of sheep, cattle, llamas and horses. You’ll fly by lumber mills, roll through river valleys and ascend along hillside vineyards. The middle part of the day follows a local wine-tour route, including a stop at the picturesque Melrose Winery. After the rollers spill out into a broad valley, you’ll follow gently rolling swells into Sutherlin, capping a memorable week.

Rest stop at the Melrose Winery. 18 miles to go! Beautiful - must come for a visit again.

Later: Did it! Great ride, and it feels good to accomplish such a big physical challenge. Good to do it with friends, too. Wonder what next year's route will be?

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