Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back Home

We've been home since the 19th, and have been back to work to some incredibly busy shifts. We had a wonderful trip to Zihuatanejo, and would really like to make this trip again. It was just what we needed. We've decided to learn more Spanish, and maybe even dedicate days here at home where we speak only Spanish.

The beach in front of our hotel: 

While we were there we went on an all-day trip with a very special tour guide - Juan Carlos Garcia. He took us many places we would have otherwise missed, and even had some special surprises for us (good ones!) He has a website http://www.tourswithcarlos.com/ and we highly recommend him. He was a very gracious host.

On an all-day tour with Carlos:

Our hotel ~ Brisas del Mar:

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creativedawn said...

Welcome back!
What a beautiful view!