Friday, April 23, 2021

Experimental Trio

Before my last two completed dolls, I experimented with a new doll body. Trying to get the size and shape I wanted, I made three stuffed bodies. 

            #1 was too long and thin
            #2 was too angled at the bottom
            #3 is a bit more full at the bottom

I ladder stitched all three around the waist for a couple reasons (that I can't really remember now). It may have been to round them out a bit more, and in #1's case, shorten her a bit. Maybe all three needed to be shortened, but I won't know until I sew and stuff another to see what I was thinking at the time.

All three have had paperclay added to their heads, which was my intention from the start.

Since I don't really throw anything away, my plans for these prototypes are:

         To make #1 into a Day of the Dead character
         To make #2 into a character of some sort
         To make #3 into an Izannah-style doll

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