Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hoffman Challenge Doll Winners!

First Place * Arley Berryhill * "Troll Queen"
Second Place * Deanna Hogan (ME!) * "Bella"
Third Place * Wendy Oxman Whittmore * "Adele (After Klimt)"
Honorable Mention * Veronica Sue Philion * "Madame La Pompadour"
Curator's Choice * Doris Moore Granbury * "Princess Padideh's Flying Carpet"
Most Humorous * Barbara Lee Tomczak * "I Wish I Were A Fish"
Best Use of Sulky (Third Place) * Stephanie Novatski * "Morning Serenade"

The announcement of the winners are not yet on the Hoffman site,
and eventually their photos will be there as well.

Remember, you can see many more Hoffman Challenge dolls on my website!


Abi said...


FairiesNest said...

Congratulations, that's terrific!!

Liz in Kansas said...

Deanna, how wonderful. Congratulations! Now, I want to know how you found out so soon?!!

Orice said...

Congratulations on Bella, Deanna! No one deserves it more than you do! I'm thrilled I know you and have had the joy of taking a class from you.

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...


You are always an inspiration to me, and I am positively THRILLED for you! I don't always agree with the judging for this challenge, but this time, I say "here, here!"

PS: My word verification is "Gladette"...a future doll name? lol

Dixie Redmond said...

Congratulations, Deanna. I have never seen a doll of yours I didn't think was wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you Deanna. Next year, first place!

Philippine Real Estate said...

Are these the winning dolls? On the slide show banner you posted here on your blog? Wow! Indeed the dolls are pretty and unique.

seo company said...

Oh! That’s great! Thank you for announcing the winners… and congratulations to all the winners.

Deanna Hogan said...

I can't believe how far behind I am. I'd wanted to write to everyone individually, but after creating my "to-do" list for the next day or two, had better write a group response.

First of all, thank you for the congrats regarding my Hoffman doll (Bella) placing! I was really surprised, having seen many of the entries. I think all the dolls are fabulous this year!

Liz ~ the winners received an email a little in advance of the official announcement. I'm looking forward to seeing what next year's challenge fabric will be, and that info should arrive soon, I think.

Orice ~ don't you think it's about time for another doll class or get together of some sort? I miss you and the rest of the Moro gals ;-)

Bonnie ~ Wow! Thanks so much. That's quite a compliment, coming from such an accomplished dollmaker as yourself! I think "Gladette" is the perfect name for a doll. Let me know when you've finished her...

Dixie ~ thank you so much. You're an inspiration to all of us vintage doll lovers and repro wannabes! Like I said on our list - I'd be tickled to own a doll made by so many of the artists I know through the Internet - and to have one of yours right up there at the top.

Kate ~ and when will we see a Hoffman entry by you? You'd give everyone a run for their money!

Gotta start checking things off my list now - it's already mid afternoon.