Friday, October 30, 2020

ODACA Benefit Update

I've just put the finishing touches on the doll I'm donating. This is Mirabelle, the doll I designed in 2011 for the AFIC (Artistic Figures in Cloth) participant booklet. She's made of dyed muslin, and stands about 14 inches tall. She wasn't quite finished in 2011, so this week I took scissors to her, shortened her arms, cut off and gave her new hair, and fleshed out some details. I also gave her some custom upcycled wings. 

ODACA has promoted original art dolls, doll making, and original art doll collecting since 1976. Each year, the ODACA Day luncheon is held to bring members, patrons, and UFDC members together in celebration of the art of the doll, and provide critical revenue needed to support organizational operations. Since the pandemic necessitated the cancelation of this key event, we are holding this Show & Benefit to help ODACA continue operations into 2021.

The prices include shipping. (USA only). Your selection will be shipped (USPS) by the artist, so if you are selecting from more than one artist, they will be shipped separately. The Members and Patrons of ODACA hope that you are all able to stay safe and healthy.

Before the event you can look around at the items to be included in the event.

Come visit the event's dedicated website:

Thursday, October 1, 2020

ODACA Benefit

 This year's ODACA Day was cancelled due to COVID-19. This event attracts collectors and generates income for the organization's advertising and other operations. The ODACA Board will be holding a virtual show and benefit to raise funds. I hope you'll all check it out!