Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Radical Wellness Program

I just received notice of a new course/program by Tamara Laporte, called "Radical Wellness." Sounds like it's right up my alley. The course starts in May, and will (hopefully) coincide with my goals of improving my health. http://www.willowing.org/radical-wellness/

I've been enjoying some of the other courses Tam has taught, so I'm excited for this one. I've been working hard at following "The Artist's Way" lessons and journaling, and I just started week 3 of a new (for me) change in my diet [so-far-so-good!]. I see this course as just bringing everything together.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Today is my first day of vacation, and the only fully day I have to pack and prepare for AFICC. So much to do, so little time.

There's some homework to do before one of the classes, and I hope to get that done today. There are a few more supplies to gather. And then there's the huge job of packing and making sure everything fits. I hope to bring a couple dolls for the displays, and maybe one for the auction.

I hope to take photos during the conference and post them here. Or maybe I'll be having too much fun to do this.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Book 2013 April Lessons

This lesson was a lot of fun, though it took me quite some time to complete. This journal page is a small accordion book - I had to scan the panel in segments, so when it's open, you see a row of four birds. The song "Ripple" is by the Grateful Dead.

 This week we received an audio meditation by Erin Faith Allen to help honor and ground ourselves.
In addition, Tam posted an art prompt this week:

"Create a portrait in limited colour using black,
white and a smidgen of pink and rose". 

Here's my "Bottoms Up" page, taught by Aimee Dolich. It took me awhile to get started on this one, but in the end, I like it.
This fun lesson was taught by Joann Loftus. I browsed through a couple of my stained glass pattern books and chose this one to use - from the book 120 Traditional
Stained Glass Patterns
by Ed Sibbett, Jr.
This lesson is by Dawn DeVries Sokol, a page of affirmations. I could still add more little details, but don't want to ruin it. I found it difficult to post the photo of this page - almost like I'm arrogant, or tooting my own horn or something. Not a good feeling for me.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

April Showers

It's been over two weeks since I last posted. I've finally got a weekend off! And it's absolutely pouring outside. And windy. A perfect day to stay indoors and be artistic.

I just finished another assignment for my Lifebook 2013 class (I added photos to the March Assignments post), and I hope to finish the next lesson this morning before the grandson arrives. I think this one will go much more quickly than the last. My goal is still to complete every assignment.

I've been diligently writing my "morning pages" for The Artist's Way that I began three weeks ago. I never thought I could write three full pages longhand every day, but I have. Yesterday I went on my weekly "Artist Date." I wanted to see if the art supply store in town was still there and check it out. It was just where I remembered, and I wonder why it's taken so long for me to get down there. I spent $100 - supporting the local economy ;-)  I realize I spend very little time in town, other than driving to and from work and going to the grocery store and local Jo-Ann's. My Artist Dates have given me a chance to change that.

Last week the weather was really nice on one particular day, so I took my camera and went for a walk for my Artist Date. Here are a few photos. There were birds everywhere, and their songs filled the air. See the tiny speck of a blue heron? I have never been able to get a decent photo of these shy birds. In the background is my neighborhood, and you can see the Astor Column at the top of the hill.