Monday, May 30, 2011

Call for Hoffman Entries!

Time for my annual call for any Hoffman doll entries. For those who are unaware, I host pages on my main website dedicated to Hoffman dolls each year. I've got this year's pages all set up, just need photos of the dolls! The link below will tell you a little bit about the Challenge if you're not familiar with it. I think this year's deadline is July 15, but better check the Hoffman site to be sure. Here's this year's Challenge fabric:

My Hoffman pages:
I started hosting photos on my site in 2002, the first year I heard of the Challenge. It doesn't matter if you made the doll but never sent it in because you missed the deadline. I still want photos! For the best photos of your doll, keep in mind the lighting and background. I put some photo hints here on my blog some time ago - just click on "Tutorials" at the top of this blog page - it's the first tutorial listed.

I've not started my doll yet but received the challenge fabric last week, with a couple accent fabrics. No ideas yet, but right now I'm focused on finishing a new doll/design for a class I'll be teaching next May in Ohio (almost done, too!)

Send me photos here: