Sunday, December 27, 2020

Free Pattern - Mask Ornament 2020

No Christmas tree this year, but did create an ornament!

I've got a few free patterns on my website. Here's the mask:

And the freebie page:

New Doll ~ Harvest Moon

 I started a new doll in October, and finally finished her. As this one was a commissioned piece for Christmas, this blog entry has been post-dated. 

This is from my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern, but at 90% of the original size, so she stands about 19-1/2 inches tall. She has jointed shoulders, hips, elbows, and knees. Her clothing is removable. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

 Hoping for normal Christmas gatherings next year. Please be safe!

Friday, December 18, 2020

Creative Problem Solving

 Hmmm...what do I have lying around the house that can be used to make a doll's stethoscope? This is a problem-solving adventure and work-in-progress, so check back!

Step 1: For the tubing, I sacrificed a bit of USB extension cord. I hope it wasn't important. For the ear tube, I used some of my armature material - 14 gauge aluminum electric fence wire. 

Step 2: Now to figure out how to attach the wire (tubing) to the ear tube. I used a #11 scalpel blade to split the wire casing on each side - a little over 1/2 inch in length.
[Stethoscope #2 - don't need to split the casing on two sides to remove the inner wires - one slit will do]
[Update, see Step 11 below]

Step 3: Then I used wire cutters to cut out the 4 thin colored wires.

Step 4: I made two more slits in the black casing (opposite the first cuts I made and near the base of these slits), so I could slide the ear tube wire through those smaller slits. These short cuts are about 1/8 inch long. I applied a liberal amount of The Ultimate glue on the inside of the split wire.

Step 5: Now to figure out the earpieces. The holes in these gold beads are too big for the diameter of the ear tube wire. Maybe some floral tape could be used to wrap around the tips of the wire? Nope - it slides right off the wire. Other thoughts: make ear pieces from air dry clay or Apoxie Sculpt.

Step 6: I decided to dip the ends of the ear tube wire into glue. I'd originally thought I could wrap the floral tape over the dried glue so it'd stick, but on second thought I decided to dip the wire ends again (and again) after the previous glue layer dried (like dipping a candle). The dried glue blobs might do for ear pieces. 

Step 7: Removing the inner wires from the black cord that will cover the ear tubes near the main tube. 

Step 8: Less than successful. The inner lumen is smaller than the wire. I'd hoped I could just slide the short black casings onto the ear tubes (if that would have worked, I would have needed to do it prior to adding the glue earpieces). I will end up wrapping these to secure them, or try a different solution. Apoxie Sculpt would work great here.

Step 9: Here it is, wrapped with floral tape. I like this tape because it's flexible. I'll paint this black. I've also started a second stethoscope (I've only got the wire ear tubes cut and bent to shape) and I may try Apoxie Sculpt on that one. One downside I foresee would be that the wire will become inflexible, and the clay may break.

Step 10: Painted the floral tape and the ear pieces with black acrylic paint.

Step 11: Taking a chance and removing the wires from the entire main tube - they came out easily after making a little slit at the end of the time to expose the inner wires.
[Update] Next time I'll do this to remove the wires before making the slits for the wire ear tube insertion. This should make the connection between the main tube and ear tube more secure.

Step 12: Clutch pin back or large snap for the bell? 

Removed/flattened the metal "wings" on the clutch pin back.

Step 13: Cut the main tube to length appropriate for the doll. Cut out a small section - about 3/8 inch long - so the tube will fit into the opening in the pin back. Make sure you cut the slit so the "bell" of the stethoscope is oriented in the way you want.

Step 14: Apply glue to the end of the tube, and insert it into the opening in the pin back. 

Step 15: All done!

Prototype 2

Using Apoxie Sculpt to secure the main tube to the ear tubes. If this works, it may be much better than the floral tape. My Apoxie Sculpt is really old, so hopefully it hardens.
Update: this is much superior to the floral tape wrap!

Here she is, with stethoscope #2:

Stethoscope #1

Saturday, December 12, 2020

COVID Cecelia

This summer I made a doll for my self, a reminder of all that we healthcare workers are experiencing. I had several requests for the costume pattern. It's taken me all summer and fall, but it's finally finished. 

I added the e-pattern to my Etsy shop for now, but eventually it will be on my website as well (after Christmas). I'm happy with how it turned out. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

 This has been quite a year, but we have much for which to be thankful. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

ODACA Benefit Update

I've just put the finishing touches on the doll I'm donating. This is Mirabelle, the doll I designed in 2011 for the AFIC (Artistic Figures in Cloth) participant booklet. She's made of dyed muslin, and stands about 14 inches tall. She wasn't quite finished in 2011, so this week I took scissors to her, shortened her arms, cut off and gave her new hair, and fleshed out some details. I also gave her some custom upcycled wings. 

ODACA has promoted original art dolls, doll making, and original art doll collecting since 1976. Each year, the ODACA Day luncheon is held to bring members, patrons, and UFDC members together in celebration of the art of the doll, and provide critical revenue needed to support organizational operations. Since the pandemic necessitated the cancelation of this key event, we are holding this Show & Benefit to help ODACA continue operations into 2021.

The prices include shipping. (USA only). Your selection will be shipped (USPS) by the artist, so if you are selecting from more than one artist, they will be shipped separately. The Members and Patrons of ODACA hope that you are all able to stay safe and healthy.

Before the event you can look around at the items to be included in the event.

Come visit the event's dedicated website:

Thursday, October 1, 2020

ODACA Benefit

 This year's ODACA Day was cancelled due to COVID-19. This event attracts collectors and generates income for the organization's advertising and other operations. The ODACA Board will be holding a virtual show and benefit to raise funds. I hope you'll all check it out!

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fabric Book / Round Robin 2005

SeaScape: I used to belong to a wonderfully active doll club that met in St. Helens on a monthly basis. This was one of our projects - our first try at fabric journals, where members contribute pages to each person's "theme." The owner/originator of the book created the cover and back of the fabric journal. This was passed from one member to another, each adding a page. 

A few of our other projects can be found on my website:

and Flickr site: