Friday, September 30, 2016

Life Book 2016 September Lessons

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Ongoing progress

Today I started painting the layers of Messy Mix onto my Verity/Alice doll. Her head/bust will eventually have at least five layers of this concoction. The arms will not need as many layers.

In between coats, I searched for (and found) a pattern from an old book I used back in 2009 to make a Pumpkinhead doll (because the shape of the stuffed head was so odd). I've wanted to make another of these dolls for several years and if I don't start it now while the season is upon us, I'll put it off for another year. In the photo below, Pumpkinhead has a coat of while glue on the head and bust. When this dries, I'll begin layering and sculpting in paperclay.
Blog posts about my original Pumpkinhead:
And finished doll:

Friday, September 23, 2016

On the Worktable

It's been a very busy summer. I've finally been able to get some sewing done. I don't usually agree to commissions because free time is pretty scarce, but I made an exception for a collector I met at ODACA Day in Washington DC. She wanted an Alice doll like the one I made for that show/sale.
I'm using my "Verity" doll pattern with some modifications to the lower legs and costuming. I hope I can find another vintage hankie suitable for her apron.
My goal today is to stuff the arms, sculpt the face, and apply the layers of Messy Mix.