Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

It's been a busy last couple weeks; too long since I last posted. I got home late Monday, after teaching two classes in the Bay area. I'm excited to get the photos posted, and talk more about them ~ but have to put in my 8 hours at work first.

This week we had our Joint Commission survey (a necessary evil for hospitals), and I feel fortunate to have missed experiencing the surveyor's God Complex (ex-military physician, statistician ~ what more do I need to say?). All I'm going to say, is that an organization like JCAHO should NEVER have that much power. BTW, we passed muster.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Since my post earlier today, I've updated my website's pattern page. I settled on $16 for this new pattern (to US & Canadian address, $19 to international addresses). Postage is included in the price of the pattern - it's just easier that way: ~ click on "Patterns"

I've also unlocked my Verity picturetrail album, as there are some progress photos there, many of which are included in the 16 pages of instructions:

At Last!

The pattern is finally finished (insert sigh of relief). I appreciate everyone's patience. I still need to update my website to include the pattern information and shopping cart button, which I'll do after a few errands.

I've got to sit down and do a little cost analysis (keeping the wholesale cost in mind, of course).

She's a fun doll to make, but certainly time-consuming when you consider the drying time of the Messy Mix, gesso, paint and paperclay.

I can envision a Verity doll done in creamy white, with a lace neck insert instead, and perhaps more of a dropped waist - an early 1900s dress suitable for a garden party.

But for now I need a break from this doll.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Verity pattern nearing completion

I'd hoped to have my new Verity pattern completed by this time, but I'm finding that it's taking much longer than planned. One big reason is my decision to include two sizes of dolls - nearly double the work, I'm finding. I also want to include the two sizes of dolls for the cover photo, and I've not had nearly enough creative time to work on my girls.

But I'm so close to finishing... you can see two dolls above, who are waiting for face sculpting, painting, hair, and some finishing touches. As I write, Tibetan lamb pelts are soaking in dye in the back yard. I'll focus on getting the smaller doll done, as I can use the already-finished center doll for the pattern cover, at least for time time being.

I'll be teaching this class week, so have some pressure to have it done by then. Why, oh why, does it take me SO LONG to complete a pattern? I've got so many ideas...

Thursday, October 9, 2008