Saturday, July 16, 2022


 It's been awhile since I've added a tutorial, so I thought I'd post some photos of my cloth-over-clay technique:

Super Sculpey:

Pressmold dusted with cornstarch first for easier clay removal (or can spritz the mold with water)

Removed from mold

Face refined

Tacky glue

Apply knit fabric, pouncing into face with stiff, dry paintbrush

Don't stretch fabric, start at the center of the face and work outward

Use tool or fingernail to press cloth into face details to further define

Wrap fabric around to back, trim when glue has dried

Paint with gesso, buff with piece of brown paper grocery bag

Paint with skin tone acrylic paint

Stitch to head

Monday, July 4, 2022

Anne of Green Gables

 Now that my Helper Doll for ODACA Day is done, I'm getting back to Anne of Green Gables. She is one of the four prototype dolls I've been working on.

Progress Photos:

Anne's slate

Carbetbag (both sides)

Almost ready for her final photoshoot

Official photo shoot:

Previous prototypes can be seen here:

Sunday, July 3, 2022

ODACA Helper Doll 2022

I've been working on my Anne of Green Gables doll, but have put her on hold while I make a doll for ODACA Day. I won't be attending this year, but will send the doll on for the raffle held at the ODACA Luncheon. 

This is a new design I've been working on, with the intention of making a formal pattern. This doll is one of four prototypes. 

I've named her Elora:


Progress photos: