Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yikes! December 10th already?

It's December 10. I haven't done any shopping. I haven't put up the tree. I haven't bought (or sent) any Christmas cards. I haven't even started on my annual Santa doll for our ER Christmas Party/Auction. I feel remiss in my duties, but honestly don't know where the days go - just that the days are full.

We have "band practice" later today. Our little ER band has been getting together at least weekly to rehearse. The Big Party is on the 19th, so there's only about 1-1/2 week left. So much to do, so little time.
I dredged up this old Christmas photo of my sis and I. I'm on the right, Deb's on the left. I took a closer look, and see I got a Nurse Nancy that year. Had I known then that nurses don't get holidays off, I may have reconsidered my career path. This year we are working both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which means any family get-togethers will be done after the holidays. I guess that gives me a little more time to get my act together


Dixie Redmond said...

I don't have a tree yet. I haven't done any decorating. I don't send out Christmas cards anymore. We'll get a tree on Saturday and start the decorating process soon. :-)

The days are full because Christmas is a part-time job.

Town Common Folk Art Dolls by Penni Sadlon said...

Hi Deanna, I'm a recovery room nurse, I'm working straight through Christmas eve, on-call 24hours after I'm with you...too much to do....Good luck with your band and auction. I'd love to hear a clip of the ER band...sounds cool and fun!

Cloth Diapers said...

Your dolls are amazing. I could just sit and look at your slide show for hours.