Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three to Go

Remember a few years back when it was all the rage to be classifed as spring, summer, winter or fall people? And clothing and makeup were selected based on our seasons? Well I sort of do the same thing with dolls. Using natural light as much as possible, I pull fabrics and place them next to the stuffed doll. In most cases, you can tell right away which colors your doll needs to avoid and which are flattering. So I've lined up some fabrics to go with the remaining three Averill dolls I'll be working on.

I think this will be the next Averill doll I finish. I've always been fond of autumn colors (and wear them myself much of the time). The top fabric with the leaves and swirls will be the skirt. The bottom fabric is a very dark brown, and will probably be arms and legs. Her eyes will be green.
I chose these fabrics because they complemented her skin tone, and I wanted to use colors I don't usually select. I think her skirt will be the red print (second from the left), and her sleeves will be the cream print next to it. She will probably have blue eyes.
This selection of fabrics is a work in progress. The skirt (and possibly the sleeves), will be from the middle fabric. I'm not sure what color her eyes will be.

I haven't even thought about hair yet, but it will all work out in the end.


LeeAnn said...

You should make the last Averill with brown eyes. I think that would go well with the fabrics you have chosen.

Dixie Redmond said...

I remember the seasons color concept! I was supposedly a winter. But I think when you age you can shift a season. ;-) Your use of fabric is so wonderful, Deanna. You really know how to add the right amount of print and detail. I like seeing how one pattern can go in so many different direction just by fabric change.



Deanna Hogan said...

I think I still have a book around here somewhere talking about people's seasons. It was very unscientific.

I think one of my favorites things about making dolls is the selection of fabrics, although I do ruminate over it quite a bit.

I do think I'll make the last one with brown eyes - thanks flitterfly!

Unknown said...

How do you make the doll face...cloth over the clay? That is a good tip about using natural light to choose clothes.
I sent you a picture to view, have you seen it yet. It is okay, you are very busy. Thank you.
Pam aka

Stephanie said...

Deanna, All the fabric combos are wonderful. I work by natural light only and don't even try to choose colors after the sun goes down! The finished doll is just lovely. Can't wait to see the rest.

Sue said...

I agree completely about natural light; I will also only paint by it. Color is so different when the sun goes down.

Pretty fabric (one of my weaknesses)!