Saturday, January 15, 2011

Finished a Doll!

Today's the first "free" day I've had for awhile, so first thing this morning I made a list of things to do (believe me, it was pretty long), and have been checking them off one at a time. Right up there at the top was going through my stash and finding something suitable for Averill's hair.
I found some eyelash yarn that was particularly challenging to knit, and had to pull out my knitting reference books again to figure out how to cast on yarn (and cast off).

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating the last of our mini Christmas observances, so it's off to the store to shop for groceries. Then I need to do my exercises (yes, still keeping that New Year's Resolution), do some homework for my online "Soul Restoration" class through the Brave Girls Club - and that's it! Whew!


Maurine Adrezin said...

She is beautiful.

Healing Woman said...

I'm with you. I check off each item on my list daily. It's the best way to keep organized.

The doll you completed is lovely.

Susie McMahon said...

She's a very alluring young lady!

Sarah said...

Love this new one! Do you have your pattern ready yet? I would love to try this one!
In answer to your Briwax question. I use the paste kind in the short fat cans. You can buy it at Antique Expo in Portland if you can't find it anywhere else. I have used it extensively on furniture, not so much on dolls. You must use with lots of ventilation!

Susan McGorty said...

Very pretty doll, Deanna. She looks like she is thinking very quiet and pleasant thoughts.