Friday, January 21, 2011


Just pondering the viability of blogging our Cycle Oregon adventure in September. Is it possible? How about ride photos? Hmmm...  So I'm at the local brew pub right now, and have successfully logged onto my blog account. It's tedious to use the tiny keyboard on my phone.

Home now, and typing with a real keyboard~
One big aspect of the ride is to get away from technology and the busy-ness of everyday life. Last time I purposely left my cell phone behind - and that was before I got my Blackberry that can do a few more tricks. It wasn't that difficult. However, a week without my computer/email was quite painful  - not only during the week of the ride, but after getting home and having to wade through so much email and catch up on digests.
As we'll be camping out for a week, I will not be dragging my laptop along. There are a few riders that blog throughout the week - I think a few are journalists. 
If I do decide to bring my phone, I'll have a way to post photos to Facebook along the ride. The number of friends that'll be joining us is growing, and it'd be a great way to communicate with them and coordinate. The Cycle Oregon folks have a cell phone charging station, which is nice.


Unknown said...

Hi Deanna,

Looking forward to it!

Louisette said...

Wonderfull dolls creations, best regard from Belgium,Louisette+2 golden retriever, one cat chartreux

Louisette said...

Have a nice end winter, greeting from Belgium.