Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hoffman Doll...started

After pouring through inspiration books, photos, and drawings, I've finally started my Hoffman doll. I'm using my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern, reduced to 90% and further shortened at the waist (in order to meet the size requirement of less than 20 inches in height). I have a vague idea of costuming, but I know it will evolve as I go.

Remember, I'm collecting photos of any Hoffman dolls out there for this year's challenge (dolls are due in mid July). Just send them my way - I've received six dolls so far! Go to my website to see them:
Click on Hoffman dolls, and on 2011 dolls.

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Molly Martino said...

Hello Deanna,

Hope you are enjoying the summer. I think you should quit your day job and open up a doll-making school.

But I think you love your job at work too, so maybe when you retire years from now you can open up the doll school. I don't think you would have one bit of trouble getting attendees.

I just was asked by my neice who has been involed at her garden center for some time (and has now been promoted to Judge flower arrangements at differet shows), to make her some miniature vases and a few Bonsai trays from clay for her to use.

She wants a big order to last her the year ahead. She will sell what she cannot use for me and that means a decent profit.

She does miniature flower arrangements & is looking for some really unique designs and shapes. Some I can throw on the wheel hump-style & others I will make from slab work. She will be surprised. This is so much fun! Two big shows coming up so I need to get busy.

As always, I love to see each doll you make. It's not in me to try this art form but I do love watching the process & the end results. You are very talented!

Have you ever told the story on what drew you to this artistic medium? If so, I must have missed it. Maybe you can re-address this someday.

You & your family have a wonderful summer!

The Ohio gal...