Thursday, June 2, 2011

Suffragette Sally

Next May, I'll be teaching a class in Ohio:
The "Party" I'm representing is "Glory." Before beginning my new doll/design, I went to the Merriam Webster dictionary to look up the word glory for inspiration. What I found was "very great praise, honor, distinction. something that is a source of honor, fame or admiration. A distinguished ornament or source of pride."

Now keeping in mind that this is a patriotic-themed doll conference, and I have a particular fondness for dolls with a vintage look, I immediately though of the Women's Suffrage movement in this country.

I really enjoyed researching the clothing and hairstyles of the early 1900s. Here's my prototype for the class. Her clothing is removable. I'm still making her hat, and her shoes will be painted. She still needs some underthings, too. Oh, and she'll hold a sign saying something like "Votes for Women."


Mary Ann Tate said...

Lovely doll:)

Edwina Sutherland said...

What a lovely face? You do such a good job with your cloth dolls. Her costume is perfect.