Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Looking for ideas for Tutorials

I recently purchased a very cool program to process videos from my fancy video camera. The program that was bundled with the camera was essentially worthless. Now I'm looking for ideas for tutorials to post here and/or my website. They don't necessarily have to be video tutorials, but anything.

So what do you think would be of value to you? I'll be able to tackle these tutorials after Cycle Oregon in September, because I should be RIDING between now and then if I don't want to suffer too badly on the 500 mile bike tour.

Just leave your comments below for consideration. Thanks!


Kate said...

Because your trapunto faces are so unique, I'd like to see a tutorial on them. Although I can do them myself, having the master show me is SO much better.

Unknown said...

You have the "messy mix" tutorial that is written and I have read it, but perhaps putting it with pictures as you apply it; perhaps including a sample of how to fix the doll face when the application goes all wrong or some tips on how to sand and reapply, etc. You know we are trying to make dolls that look as good as yours, lol!

Deanna Hogan said...

Danielle answered via Dollstreet:

Hi,As a newbie I've noticed that many patterns don't really explain that final step of how to display the doll. For example, how do you make a nice looking stand? If it's a wall doll, how to figure that out in the design and attach it so it doesn't look bad. Many photos of dolls in books or patterns also are taken to display the doll, but I can't figure out how they stand? are hung? etc.... I've been busy discovering a lot of ways that don't work, and a few that are passable, but maybe you have some tricks?


Molly Martino said...


I have been amazed with your hands and feet on the dolls. Mostly the delicate fingers. This might be a helpful tutorial to view for me as well as others.

Good luck on the 500 mile bike ride!

Mamima said...

Some months ago we start making some fabric dolls to our kids, and we discover a fun way to spend our time while our two little kids sleep. With the family and friends incentive we are starting to post our project in the A Mamima Project Blog. We are self learners trying to improve our skills and we'll appreciate your tutorials, specially the tutorials about the different techniques to make dolls hair.