Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today is the first day of my vacation. We'll be leaving on Saturday for Sutherlin, Oregon, and will start bicycling on Sunday ~ a 500 mile, week-long tour of southwest Oregon (

I may upload an occasional post during next week, but it's always nice to get away from electronics and cell phones from time to time. I'll be camping/riding with a group of family and friends this year (and 2200 other riders). Here's a photo of a few of us taken in May, on a training ride. I'm the short one. We'd asked the local micro-brewery to design bike jerseys for us, and they did - the guy on the left forgot to wear on this particular ride.

I'll be focusing more on dolls on my return home.

Wish me luck!


Molly Martino said...

Hi Deanna,

Wishing you, your friends and family a great bike run this year! Sounds exciting! You all look so fit and ready to take this challenge on. Enjoy the fellowship, the peace and hopefully some good tasty food along the way to keep yourselves nourished.

I am embarking in a new direction with my clay. One, I am retiring from the local museum, (my second home), this coming December after 32 years of devotion. But not retiring my clay business. I have been commissioned by my neice to make Fairy Garden assessories... castles, thatched-roof bungalows, tree stumps, reflecting ponds, elfs & fairies,etc.

A new tiny world for me to explore which I have emmersed myself in, studying the lore & tales that are centuries old on faeries, elves and the likes, & their daily needs while living in the magical woods & forests. I am having a blast!

I had no idea how popular these things have become. I will be working away handmaking a great many things to hopefully delight the faery garden designers with my new line of rustic miniatures.

I was up all night drawing my designs so today after a sleep-in, I am ready to get back at this new fun endeavor. Items will be sold at several flower arrangement shows this fall & winter & will continue on for a good duratrion I am hoping.

My neice is one of the judges for these shows & she participates in other shows herself with her tiny flower arrangements & mini vases I am making her. My husband is doing almost all of the cooking & cleaning here while I "play in the clay". Nice set-up for sure!

Have a great time on your bike trip. It is back to work then, as the holidays are nearing for us all.

Unknown said...

Good luck Deanna!!! Be safe and I look for your new doll design!


Mamima said...

Good luck we'll be waiting to see the new doll designs after your bycicle ride.