Monday, September 12, 2011

CO Day 2

Day 2 – September 12: Cottage Grove to Reedsport
“Roller Coast-er” (90 miles)
Today we taste one of the truly sublime coast routes. From the handsome downtown of Cottage Grove, pedal incredibly smooth backroads into tiny Lorane, and then glide through a tunnel of trees on Siuslaw River Road. Yes, there’s a climb and a summit, but you’ll be so euphoric you won’t mind. After lunch it’s a steady ride through the “Chapel of the Coast Range,” a forest-and-river cathedral. We follow the Smith River to Reedsport as it grows placid and wide.

Dinner under the tent:


deb said...

This intrigues me sooo much! I'm fairly new to biking but we are moving from Texas to California soon so Cycle Oregon is actually within my realm of possibility. How far do you have to able to pedal each day and how fast?? I'd hate to bite of more than i can chew........but then isn't that what lifes all about??? Enjoy yourself!deb

Deanna Hogan said...


I do hope you entertain the possibility of participating in next year's Cycle Oregon. The route will probably be announced in February. It costs about $850, which includes all meals and gear delivery to the next campsite.

We had several new bicyclists in our group. The mileage this year was 47-90 miles per day. Speed doesn't matter - there are super fast cyclists (my son) and others that take all day to finish.

It's amazing that people of all ages, sizes and shapes ride each year, and from all over the country and overseas. If I can do it, you can.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of CO. Check out the website: and keep checking back as the new year rolls around.

Deanna :-)