Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cycle Oregon...ready or not!

Today I must focus on the daunting task of packing for Cycle Oregon. That's ONE bag, weighing no more than 65 pounds, containing all cycling gear and clothing, tools, camp clothes, towels, toiletries, sleeping bag, pad, pillow, camp chair, camera, book (Kindle), and tent.

I've lost a few pounds preparing for this ride, not nearly as much as I'd hoped but I have gained some fitness. Let's see if it's enough!

The weather forecast for the first few days is HOT. Like 90+. Living on the Oregon Coast, that's a bit warmer than what we usually experience here. But as we head west toward the southern Oregon coast, it looks like the temps will cool off a bit. (Must remember to pack SUNSCREEN).

I hope to post at least a couple times during the week, but have preloaded some daily ride details in advance. This is a great way for my family, friends and co-workers to know exactly where we are (there are FIVE Emergency Department people riding this year!)

For those that follow this blog for the DOLLS, please be patient and hang in there - I'll get back on track when I get home.

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Unknown said...

My prayers fly with you. May it be all that you expect.
I look forward to your return and more dolls...grin!