Sunday, September 18, 2011


The long drive home yesterday was a miserable one. After stop and go traffic in the area of University of Oregon (Ducks vs Missouri football game?), the weather took a turn for the worse through the coast range - very rainy and foggy with poor visibility. Near collision, too, when some fool thought he'd pass an oncoming car on a curve, completely ignoring the solid double yellow line and stupidity of making such a move in the first place. Thank goodness hubby was hugging the fog line at the time!

I slept in today, and boy, did it feel good. My agenda today is to do LAUNDRY. I believe I'll need to find some tongs to pick through the pile, though. I also want to insert some photos into some of the earlier posts.

This morning, my son (who also rode Cycle Oregon with us), sent me a couple links - a photo and video of most of our "Team" crossing the finish line on the last day (he's a much faster rider and finished well ahead of us). We're wearing our local brew pub jerseys (Fort George), and did our best to promote the business during the ride.  I'm the plump rider with the hydration pack on her back. Below the photos, you can see us in the few seconds of the video.

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Unknown said...

Welcome back Deanna!

You look good... have a good long sleep, you certainly earned it. Now, will you start training for the next race?