Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sitting here finishing a huge breakfast, then will head out for a FLAT 60 miler - yay!! Tomorrow is the day we've all been having anxiety over.


Unknown said...

Wow Deanna,
I can hardly imagine riding 6 miles, much less 60. You are my hero and obviously you are in good shape. Hope you aren't too sore...grin. Okay, be safe...see you tomorrow! Way to work off breakfast!


Molly Martino said...

Hi Deanna,

I just had breakfast myself. I am treking out to the museum to teach my clay classes. I should bike there to work off my breakfast!

I am keeping up with your news as you ride with your group. Hope the weather is holding up. We're having some chily nights already here in Ohio.

It sounds like your are enjoying yourself. How is the food along the way going? I think before you said they set up food stations along the route. I bet you're all hungry when that time comes.

Stay safe...enjoy!

Deanna Hogan said...

Biking is a great form of transportation. I just wish our year-round weather made it possible. And as it's a semi weight-bearing activity, it will help to prevent osteoporosis!

One of our team members flew out from Ohio to ride with us. Janet is Steve's sister. Steve is a friend and co-worker of ours.