Sunday, January 15, 2012

More Amity Progress

I just finished giving Amity some hair, and have gotten her dressed (sans undies, however). I think her dress still needs a ribbon belt or something, and she still needs her little dolly.

I'll  get a better photo of her once these details are done and I can set up my photo back-drop. But for now I feel the overwhelming need for a nap.


Mary @ Colony Mountain... said...

What a darling she is!!! Love her dress and crocheted collar! Enjoy your have earned it!

Jan Conwell said...

Amity is awesome, and so are naps.

Mary Ann said...

Lovely.....I agree her dress does need a little something.

I had a nanny nap today. LOL For some reason I was so tired...must be the weather as it is terribly cold here and I feel like hibernating.

creativedawn said...

REALLY PRETTY and does look different. How about a lovely embroidered ribbon?