Sunday, April 29, 2012

Better Photos (Harvest Moon doll)

 Tonight I finally took a few better photos of my latest doll, made from my "Under the Harvest Moon" pattern - this time done up in Spring colors. I think I may take her to Ohio with me when I go to teach in May along with her pattern (available HERE).
I took many photos, trying to get the angles and lighting right. What did we every do before digital cameras?!  I haven't used my old Canon AE-1 in years. It might be fun to get it out one of these days.  Then I'd need to figure out where to take film to be developed!

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Rhissanna said...

The silk dupion looks lovely in her bodice and I like how well it goes with the gingham. I wouldn't have thought of putting those together, but the difference in textures looks really good.