Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Perks of Insomnia (or what I did instead of sleeping)

I can hardly believe AFICC (Columbus, Ohio) is next month. I've got some homework to do before the conference, and supplies to gather. I was so excited to use my Frequent Flyer Miles for the FIRST TIME ever. That sure took the $$ pressure off!

Last AFIC (2011, I did not attend), I was able to design a quick doll for the designer booklet Cyndy Sieving assembled for participants. This booklet was a very cool idea, and as a contributor I got a copy of the booklet as well. Here is "Mirabelle," my primitive contribution.

The past 8 months or so have seen a dramatic decrease in free time for me, so when the March 1st deadline came and went, I was a little sad that I wouldn't be able to contribute. Then Cyndy extended the deadline. That, combined with a horrible sleepless night (spent ruminating on so very many things), I essentially designed a little doll in my head, instead of sleeping, while tossing and turning. Of course, I paid for it dearly the next day at work... don't worry, all my patients survived the day.

I had a few hours this weekend, so I was able to put my idea down on paper as I created the actual doll ("Toobies"). It was like the work was already done. It's a pretty silly doll, but one that goes together quickly.

On my to do list (since visiting New Orleans last summer) has been to design a "Voo Doo" (or "Good Intentions" doll as its benevolent counterpart), and this design fits the bill perfectly. While Cyndy's booklet is limited to one-page-only, I hope to expand the pattern to include all sorts of variations.


Dollmaker Barb said...

I have a tube doll that I made once for an Arts Retreat. The only mistake I made that made the doll hard for nondoll people: I made the tubes for the legs too thin and they had lots of trouble turning them. Other than that, they enjoyed making the dolls.

Deanna Hogan said...

I got my 180 copies of this pattern sent to Cyndy in the nick of time. Can't wait to attend this conference - it's just around the corner!