Monday, December 2, 2013

Life Book 2013 December Lessons

Oh, my. We're getting down to the end of Life Book. The binding lesson has just been released, and I'm five lessons behind (nearly done with one of them). This amazing year of art journaling is coming to a close.
This lesson is all about binding our Life Books. I haven't yet checked out the lesson, but I understand two methods of binding will be reviewed - a Coptic method, and a three-ring method. I'm not sure  I'm going with, but either way it's going to be a really thick book.
Tam requests that we film a flip-through of our books when were done, so I'll probably do that and add it here or in a separate post.

This wintery lesson was by Jeanette Maisy House. It took me some time to get started, but I finally finished it in January 2014. I still need to do a little journaling in the music balloons, but want to put some thought into it.

This last lesson of the year was taught by Dina Wakley. I just finished it today (January 26, 2014). I can't say I'm really happy with it, but it may grow on me.
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