Friday, January 24, 2014

Busy. Again. Still?

I'm getting ready to head to work in a bit, but wanted to get a post in since it's been awhile. Work and babysitting has kept me busy, and I've been stealing moments to work on some journal pages from Life Book 2013 (the last few lessons) and Life Book 2014. I've started working the first layers on three separate pages to make the best use of my time. By the way, you can still sign up for Life Book 2014 HERE. I've been having a blast, and recommend it to anyone.

I haven't done any sewing lately, but have been feeling the urges to make a doll. Actually, I NEED to make quite a few dolls to take to San Antonio this summer for ODACA Day and the UFDC Conference. The big obstacle to that is time, as per usual. I hope to make my reservations this weekend. I've never been to San Antonio, so I'm excited.
 ODACA banner

And there's the annual Hoffman Challenge doll to create as well, due about the time we'll be doing the San Antonio thing. I've got the fabric (big pattern, but pretty). I just need to come up with a design...

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