Monday, February 3, 2014

Life Book 2014 February Lessons

I'm excited to have finished my last lesson of Life Book 2013! All pages are now backed, and as soon as I finish decorating the cover I'm going to make a flip-through video.

Meanwhile, I'm behind a few of the 2014 lessons while I've caught up with 2013. Now I can move on.

This lesson taught by Tam Laporte uses Dylusions Spray Inks. HERE is Tam's post and art journal page from this lesson.
This is my second attempt at this page today. Grandson Ivan told me (as I got out of the shower) that he'd painted my circle. This lesson was about negative space, and that "circle" was an area that was to be left unpainted. I think he understands now that his art is his and my art is mine. The boy has access to the best art supplies when I babysit and we often work on art projects, so maybe he misunderstood the boundaries. As a result, I changed my word for this page.
Here's the second part of the lesson. I struggled with the looseness of the spray inks. I'm such a control freak!

Jane Davenport taught this week's lesson ~ a pop-up page. What fun!
Here's the cover:
 Here's a mermaid for the inside:
 Wind and waves:
And all the parts popping up:

Another new teacher! Alena Hennessy.
This lesson employed intuitive painting, and I've come to the conclusion that I have NO intuition when it comes to painting. Not my favorite, but a worthwhile lesson.

This week's lesson is an interview with Claudine Hellmuth.
Here's her Etsy shop:

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