Thursday, January 1, 2015

Life Book 2015 January Lessons

January 1 was the release of the first lesson. I'm currently in the process of binding my 2014 Life Book, which is quite time consuming. While I still have about 8 lessons to do, I'll get to them soon.

Today (January 2), Ivan and I worked on our Week 1 lessons (the warm-up exercise, that is). Here's his page:
And mine. I wanted to use a different color scheme than usual:
My Beacon of Light (part 2 of this week's lesson):
I used art from previous years' Life Book lessons, but didn't embellish much (not my strong point).
I struggled with this one. I haven't really used watercolor paints or Tombows before, so had a lot of trouble with the blending. Naturally, the more I did to this, the worse it got.
My own take on this lesson, inspired by Degas
This is Tam's bonus lesson for this week. Easy and fun!
This page was done using Rachael Rice's lesson for this week. The metallic paint was difficult to photograph. (
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