Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tweaking a new doll design...

I've been working on creating a vintage inspired doll, with the added benefit of honing a design that can be produced for the ODACA Day sales room next summer. While I've got four doll bodies sewn and stuffed (with heads and busts painted with 5-6 coats of "Messy Mix), I'm working on completing just this one for now. Assembly line work may be efficient, but it's kind of boring.
Those zigzag lines on the heads and bodies below indicate the stretch direction (cross grain) of the fabric. 
I did, however, sew four sets of bloomers last night - that way I didn't have to change thread color repeatedly, and I can put that fabric and lace away... like that's going to make my studio any less cluttered!
Next step: painting the face and hair

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Jan Conwell said...

Well I should have read this post before commenting on the other one. I love the comparison!