Sunday, February 4, 2018

I’m trying to put things in perspective today. First of all, I’m happy that I’m keeping up with the Life Book 2018 lessons thus far (just waiting for some hard pastels to finish the current lesson), but discouraged that I was only able to complete a fraction of 2017 and 2016 lessons – less than half of them.

For that reason, I hadn’t bound those years. I had this compulsive idea I wanted to bind them in order of the lessons – and of course since some were missing I felt paralyzed.
So I pulled out all my Life Books since I joined in 2013. Not too shabby! I completed ALL lessons in 2013 and 2014, and about ¾ of those in 2015. This week I bound 2016 and 2017, even though they’re not complete and not “in order.” I will add to them as I finish the back-log of lessons.
I’ve also decided to back my 2018 pages as I finish them. It’s really time-consuming to do it at the end of the year, especially when I'm so excited to get started with the new year's lessons. I’ve always chosen to ring-bind my books, because I like the option of removing pages if needed (to scan, display, or whatever).
Seeing this body of work reinforces to me that ANYTHING I produce is so much better than not being creative at all.  

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