Monday, March 9, 2020

"Cecelia" Redux

I've started a second Cecelia doll, since I hadn't yet put the fabric and pattern away. While sewing, I thought it would be worthwhile (to me) to determine how much time it takes to complete this doll.

Layout and sewing the doll ~ about 90 minutes:

Stuffing and closing ~ about 50 minutes:

Needle sculpting finger and toe divisions, ears and face ~ 2 hours:

March 11 - Jointing the arms/legs and covering buttons ~ 45 minutes:

Below: I eliminated the indentation from joining the head to the neck (filled the area under the circular patch with stuffing), as I plan to stitch yarn hair similar to the previous Cecelia doll - I think this will make sewing the yarn in this area a bit easier. 

March 15 - Coloring the face ~ 60 minutes:

March 27 - Hair ~ I lost track of time, but probably 3 hours:

And she's done - clothing ~ Many hours:

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