Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boudoir Dolls

I so appreciate everyone's kind words about Rosie. I was a bit emotional yesterday, and feel a little better today.

I was able to finally finish one of my many pending projects (above) - a boudoir doll for a woman who'd bought a similar doll a couple years ago - one made using a vintage cloth boudoir doll face found on eBay (the doll on the right with the yellow-orange hair). I built the body to fit the face, and made the clothing as well, using a vintage Butterick pattern (number 10296 - Four French Girls, circa 1920). The face on this newest doll was a little larger, so I had to make some adjustments.

This is the third doll made from this vintage pattern. The first one I made is "Estelle" on my website, found on the page called "Retro Dolls" at http://www.blueherondolls.com/

No, this is the fourth - Madeline (also on the Retro page) was made from Butterick #10201, a smaller version of 10296.

You can find Butterick 10296 (Four French Girls) here:
and here:


Orice said...

I absoltutely love this doll and will be waiting for a pattern, maybe, someday? Merry Christmas.

Sharon B said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE. I have ordered a "copy" of the pattern - wondering what face "mask" you used for the doll with the dark hair? Hugs Sharon

Deanna Hogan said...

Hi Sharon,

Thanks so much! I love boudoir dolls, too. I should make another, but time is so short lately. The mask on both dolls are old boudoir doll masks. One I found on eBay, and the other was purchased at a doll show. Will have to swing by eBay again and see what's there.

Have fun making a doll - they're super simple, and it's so fun to explore the old boudoir doll costume patterns.