Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Arctic Blast"

Sunday: Lots of snow. Roads closed. Making the best of it, and enjoying the company of family.

Dad, who's really a child at heart, has rigged a make-shift sled to be pulled by four-wheeler. The "sled" is one of those plastic pads that go under desk chairs. Very slick. Lots of fun, with (thankfully) no injuries.

Brad's on the quad, Kyle's on the sled (above). The other photo shows Misty and Grandma. Misty didn't enjoy the snow as much as she did last year. She's older, and has some difficulty getting around now. She looks happy in this photo, though. Misty is half Great Pyrenees and half Australian Shepherd.

We'll try heading home to Astoria tomorrow, with the hope that road conditions improve. The news channels state chains are required. I don't own any chains, because I've always gotten around with studded tires. Hmmm.

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Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

lol!!! I love that sledding ingenuity!! Looks like a blast!
I remenber using those metal saucers. If you hit a bump, you were airborn like a UFO.
Thanks for sharing!! :> )