Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Snow in Astoria!

Christmas Day, and can you believe it's snowing in Astoria?

I looked out my studio window to see the big snowflakes (sticking, but wet), and thought I'd drive up to the Astoria Column, a high point in Astoria. I took Misty with me, and she seemed to enjoy herself. We were the only ones up there. I wish I could have seen a panorama of snowy hills, but visibility was poor due to the falling snow.

The photo at the right is Youngs Bay, near the Old Youngs Bay Bridge. Much wetter here at sea level.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


Carla said...

Happy holidays to you also!

Nina Mason said...

Hi Deanna:

Thought I'd pop over to say hello and see your pictures of snow on Christmas in Astoria. I lived in Klamath Falls (opposite end of the state from you) for a couple of years and it snowed all the time (one of the reasons I moved!). Anyway, I noticed that I didn't have a link from my blog to yours, but have now remedied the situation. Are you going to make a Verity snowgirl?

Happy New Year!