Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Architectural Tour, Chicago

Today we walked to Merchandise Mart, which shouldn't have been difficult on a normal day. I meant to mention earlier that there's a movie being filmed right near our hotel - Transformers 3. It's been really interesting, but has closed off sections of street, cross walk, and river walk - requiring circuitous detours to get anywhere (and thereby adding what feels like miles to our trek).

After visiting the Merch Mart, we took an architectural boat tour which was really interesting. The talk our tour guide gave during the cruise was incredibly detailed, with lots of information - which he had MEMORIZED. I was impressed.

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M Dawson said...

I have neve been to Chicago, only New York, but think it would be one of the most interesting cities to visit! Tours with guides can be magical and fun - you learn so much and they make a city come alive!