Saturday, November 20, 2010

Open Mic at Street 14 Coffee

Astoria may be a small, rural Oregon town, but it's a very artistic community. I love living here. Saturday we attended (and participated) at the Open Mic at Street 14 Coffee. This was one of the talents, Manasseh David Israel, a fantastic musician and vocalist. You can see Chris and I in the crowd as the camera pans, at 1:58.

Sparks - Manasseh David Israel from Cabell Tice on Vimeo.

Here we are, nervous as all get-out and doing our thing at the Open Mic. The premise is that if we do this often enough, the nervous butterflies and jitters will decrease. I don't know why I put myself through this torture, but I guess I enjoy it on some level. Mom, you should be proud of the fact that I played the accordion for the first two songs. And no one threw fruit and vegetables.

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