Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Caressa, Maven of the Coffee House" (ODACA donation)

"Caressa, Maven of the Coffee House" is the doll I've chosen to donate to the ODACA Day Luncheon raffle. She's a one-of-a-kind doll - a prototype - made in 2008 when I was exploring designs for my ODACA Centerpiece doll. I ultimately went another direction for that project, but decided to make this one into a Beatnik-style figure.

She's made of camel-colored craft velour, and is in a permanently fixed position (seated). Her hair is Tibetan lamb. She's about 12 inches tall (seated). Here she is, just waiting for her moussed hair to dry.


Molly Martino said...

I love the new doll. And her guitar! I own a collection of mini
musical instruments myself, such as this one. I found them in a gift shop..way cool gift shop for artists in Akron, Ohio, near the college. It is called Don Drumm Studio's. It is online. Check it out! They sell artist work around the country. Fab place to hang out.
The owner works in metal. you'll see his unique work on the site too. I take everyone there.

There is a nice coffee/tea house that serves light sandwiches and salads up the street. They have a great library and couches to sit on when you explore their book collections for free. A great place to relax & read away. No one rushes you. (I believe this is correct)?

I have notice that many of your dolls take on your own likeness. I find that is quiite the norm with other artists as well. I don't think anyone tries for this. It just happens. This is a compliment.

I left you a currant message on the previous site you sent me. The one about burying pottery in lakes.

Have a perfect week ahead!


Stephanie said...

You have been busy! This is a doll after my own heart - reminds me of my college days of long hair, long skirts, and acoustic guitar.