Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Just got an email from Julie Breidt, curator of the Hoffman Challenge. I was tickled to learn my doll "Eolande" won second place in the dolls category! I'm just thrilled to have finished my doll with all the drama that's been going on around here (not elaborating, but this, too, shall pass).

Congratulations to all the entrants. The dolls chosen to travel are now up on the Hoffman site. Links to the winning dolls' photos are a little messed up on the Hoffman site right now, but after a little tweaking of URLs, I found them (below). Clicking on the award will take you to the Hoffman site's photo of the doll. Clicking on the winners name will take you to their blogs, or other site.

The awards for Dolls are:
1st place: NANCY HALL, "Blossoms"
2nd Place: ME, "Eolande"
3rd Place: VICKI CROSSLAND, "Reluctant Princess"
Honorable Mention: KAREN MCGREGOR, "Oriental Blossoms"
Curators Choice: STEPHANIE NOVATSKI, "It's the Economy's Fault!"
Most Humorous: DALLAS SILLS, "Fern"
Best First Time Entry: TRUDY WATKINS, "Underwater Friends"
Best Incorporation of Theme: JOYCE JURCZAK, "Paradise"

Don't forget that you can see some of the dolls on my website: so if you know of someone who made a Hoffman doll this year, point them in my direction if they haven't already contacted me. Thanks!!


Rhissanna said...

Oh wow! Congratulations! The Hoffman is a big deal, I know. You must be simply thrilled to bits! ('Thrilled to bits' is a very English expression, so I don't know if it translates well. Happy and excited?) I'm very happy for you and I'm glad your dolls have gotten this kind of recognition. Your dolls are costumed so well.

(I'm doing a little dance of happiness myself, as my doll got 'Best in Show' for the first time at the county fair. So, thank you again for the fingernail tutorial. It gave me the confidence to try more realistic hands)

Congratulations, again!

Anonymous said...

WOW!, congratulations!
You deserve it, your work is excellent!! usual!

Hugs :)
Maria del Valle

Stephanie said...

Big Congrats Deanna! Well deserved. My doll won Curator's Choice. All very exciting. Congrats to to the other winners.

Sharon B said...

So exciting. I remember your posts about her and I just love her wonderful expression. I was also impressed with the beautiful flower details on her dress. CONGRATULATIONS

Mary Ann Tate said...

Congratulations!!!! Well deserved as your doll was marvelous and I loved your use of the challenge fabric. You are a very talented artist.

Unknown said...



Shashi Nayagam said...

Congratulations Deanna. Your win was well deserved. said...

Congratulations Deanna! Your dolls are LOVELY! HUGS!