Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Organizing Fabrics ~ SOLUTION FOUND (but such a time-consuming task)

There's no question I have too much fabric in the studio. I love that friends think of me and pass on remnants, but the fabric tends to accumulate. So I started shopping eBay for a solution. I found a seller who listed hand-held wire shopping baskets in lots of 12, for a pretty good price (and shipping wasn't through the roof, either). They were the right size to fit on my wire shelf.

Over the past week I've been organizing the fabrics by color family. Now I can easily pull out a basket and see most of what's in there. And I don't have to worry about fabrics slipping behind the shelf ('though I found a few treasures back there!)

Trouble is, I ran out of baskets. So I ordered a second lot, which arrived yesterday. I may have a few baskets left over, but I'm sure I can find uses for them.

This is a before photo taken a couple years ago. It didn't look quite that good at the beginning of my project last week. If anyone is interested in these baskets, check out seller Bentley's Display on eBay. They're located in Portland, Oregon, though these particular baskets are made in CHINA (for those who feel strongly about buying American). I prefer to do that as well, but these were the only baskets I could find that were the correct size. They arrived the day after I bought them. I am not affiliated with the seller, just a happy customer.

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Dixie Redmond said...

That's how I organize my fabrics. Although mine are plain ol' plastic baskets.